Sureweld – Proudly Australian

Here at Sureweld, the whole team are very proud to be Australian Made and Owned, manufacturing Plant Trailers and Aluminium Ramps locally for the Australian Transportation and Construction industries! We interviewed our team, from factory staff to upper management, throughout Australian Made Week 2021, to learn what ‘Being Australian’ meant to them. There are many benefits of being Australian made, check out the video below and read what the team had to say.

Buying Australian made products means that you are supporting local jobs and families. – Mark Hall, Ramp Line Team Leader

Being Australian-made means that we can develop and manufacture products specifically for the Australian market, be that for the Transportation industry or for Construction contractors. – Ruben Hansen, Operations Director

Manufacturing in Australia means that we can provide a high level of aftersales support, having spare parts and skilled personnel locally to help out in any urgent situations. – Janet Watt, Administration Manager

I think it’s important to keep manufacturing locally, especially in these uncertain times. It’s great for our economy but also it gives peace of mind to like-minded Australians – that they are purchasing a high quality, competitively priced product, all whilst supporting their fellow countrymen. – John Konkoly, Materials Handeling

With high labour, business, safety, and quality control standards, that Australian businesses are required to meet, it’s a strong reassurance when purchasing Australian-made products. – Carl Hansen, Managing Director

Manufacturing in Australia allows for more control over lead times and gives a timed guarantee for our dealers and clients. – Mitchell Hansen, Marketing Co-ordinator

What does Australian Made mean to you?