45 years; that says something!

1976 – 2021. This year marks a very important date in the history of the Sureweld Brand – 45 years of Australian Craftsmanship for the Australian Construction and Transportation Industries.

Starting out as a small Welding and Fabrication business is 1976, Surewelds’ humble beginnings originated in Lilydale, servicing numerous markets, mainly the agricultural industry. 45 years later, the company has grown to become the recognised benchmark in Aluminium Ramps and Plant Trailers for the construction and transportation industries. With a constant desire to develop and stay at the forefront of its industry, the team have always been passionate about continuous improvement, whilst upholding the high level of quality that is synonymous with the Sureweld brand.

In the early 1980s, the founder of Sureweld developed the concept of an Aluminium Loading ramp, for a few machine operators in the Melbourne Metro Area. With increasing local demand, designs were tested and certified by N.A.T.A, providing outstanding results. 20 years later, Sureweld has 30 different standard models in its ever growing ‘Climaxx Ramps’ model range, manufactured locally in their Wangaratta production facilities, suitable for machines weighing from 1.5t – 11.5T. Their standard options won’t work for your application? Not an issue; Sureweld focuses on providing solutions for clients, and to create something specific for your needs, is truly their forte.

When the transportation industry came knocking at the door for their aluminium ramps, it was an amazing opportunity for Sureweld, to collaborate with large truck body manufacturers, and freight firms. Having a customisable Walkboard configuration, revolutionised the transportation and small freight field. The easy to handle, lightweight ramps become an easy solution for removalists and the bespoke sizing makes it a ‘go-to’ for truck body builders incorporating them into their designs.

Since this, in 2016 the Sureweld team have further expanded their offerings to this Industry, after numerous under-truck servicing incidents, using makeshift portable ramps. The Vehicle Wheel Riser ramps, being built in accordance with Australian Standard AS. 2640:2016, were designed and manufactured for raising Heavy Vehicles off the ground for a variety of uses. Large logistic companies such as ALDI and Toll Group have found numerous benefits of these products, for Under Vehicle inspection, Washing and servicing, and also in a loading dock application.

When support is needed most, Sureweld knows a thing or two about service. Having fought tooth and nail to ensure that production is kept on the Australian soil, yet still remain competitive in the marketplace, the company prides itself in being able to help out instantaneously. Being in business for 45 years, with tried and tested practises, Sureweld has employed qualified engineering and sophistic technology in the design of its products. With that experience up their sleeve, they know the parts of their products, understand how they operate and how they are used. Spare parts and service for that urgent situation has never been an issue, but rather key to their success in the marketplace.

In the early 2000’s Sureweld added a range of aluminium plant trailers – Rollmaxx Trailers – to its product offering. Originally sticking with the tagline, “Quality Carries Weight”, this really summarised the aluminium trailer range. Civil Contractor Paul Kaspersenn explained, “A Sureweld Aluminium Plant Trailer is an invaluable asset, it makes the transportation of my machinery safe and practical”. Rollmaxx Aluminium Plant Trailers allows greater flexibility in the transportation of Mini Earthmoving Equipment, due to their impressively low tare weights, therfore higher allowable payloads.

With the release of its new “Nexxgen” Rollmaxx Trailer range, contractors and hire companies have just been given the best of both worlds. Utilizing exclusively approved componentry, coupled with the trusted Sureweld service and ‘know-how’, towing machinery just got a whole lot easier. With both a steel and aluminum option, Sureweld has mastered a higher allowable payload of 2200kg, using a mechanical override braking system. This opens up a highway of possibility for Hire companies that usually would require trailers of this size to have an electronic controlled braking system.

“We understand that this isn’t the first trailer of this nature in the Australian Marketplace” stated Managing Director, Carl Hansen, “But we can say that we are the very first Australian Made and Owned Company to master it”. Priding themselves in their local manufacturing processes, Sureweld can offer the spare parts and fast service when it is needed, making repairs and maintenance as seamless as possible. As Fleet Manager of a large multinational Hire company describes it, “[Sureweld] provide an excellent Aussie-Made product that is backed up by a trusted Aussie – Service”.

Now incorporating the tagline ‘Move Better’, Sureweld is dedicated 100% to help move their clients’ machinery with ease. Reach out to them on 1800 787 005 to see how they can help your transportation needs!

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