Welcome to SureWeld – Australia’s leading supplier of aluminium loading ramps and aluminium plant trailers.

As the nation’s most reputable provider of loading solutions we manufacture a wide range of aluminium trailer ramps and plant trailers necessary for loading, unloading and transporting machinery such as mini earth movers and excavators, mini loaders, mini compact rollers, bobcats, elevated work platforms, ATVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers and more.

Aluminium Loading Ramps

Widely regarded as the leading range of aluminium loading ramps for construction, agricultural, and domestic machinery, Climaxx portable ramps are lightweight, durable and affordable.

Climaxx loading ramps feature rungs with tread, hooks and steel pin connections, as well as feet that have been fitted to match the gradient of the ramp.

Aluminium Plant Trailers

Rollmaxx aluminium plant trailers incorporate intelligent design with premium quality materials to offer the most robust, flexible trailer solution on the market.

Design to transport a wide range of machinery including mini earth movers, mini excavators, EWP/scissor lifts, loaders and bobcats, Rollmaxx trailers boast ultra-low tare weights that are built to carry ATM’s from 2, up to 4.1 tonnes.

Aluminium Walk Boards

Designed to cater to a broad range of industries, aluminum walk boards offer a durable, portable solution for loading and unloading manually.

All our Walk boards are available in custom lengths, widths and capacities, designed to suit common truck chassis, as well as skips and large disposal units.

Aluminium Wheel Riser Ramps

The ‘Wheel Riser’ series ramps are the latest addition to the Climaxx Aluminium Ramp range. As with all the Climaxx ramps, they are made from Aluminium, ensuring ease of positioning and transport. These ramps are built for raising Heavy Vehicles off the ground for a variety of uses.

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Climaxx ramps come in several models including:
ATV Series – Featuring a straight design suitable for a loading a wide range of machinery. Available in a rigid one-piece design or folding sections for easy transport and storage.
MOWER Series – Featuring curved design that allows for loading low clearance machinery.
RUBBER Series – Designed with special tread, providing optimal grip for machinery with pneumatic air-filled tires, and rubber tracks.
TRACK series – Designed for use with steel tracked machinery.
PT series – Designed for rubber tracked machinery. Built wider than the Rubber and T Series models, the rung tread is designed to reduce the risk of damage to rubber tracks.

Our Australian Made Loading Ramps 

Loading Ramps

ATV Series

Mower Series

Rubber Series

Track Series


Regarded as one of the leading aluminum plant trailers in Australia, the Rollmaxx range provides a durable yet affordable solution for transporting construction machinery.

For further trailer specifications please refer to the corresponding product category and feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

Our Australian Made Plant Trailers

Plant Trailers

Mini Excavator

Mini Loader

EWP Trailers

Roller Trailer

Wheel Riser Ramps

The Sureweld “Wheel Riser Ramps” are the latest edition to the ramp family and are designed to raise heavy vehicles off the ground, allowing access to the restricted underside. Being manufactured from light-weight aluminium, ensures ease of use when transporting and positioning the ramps.
The range is used currently in the following applications:

– Service Centres
– Loading Docks
– Heavy Vehicle Wash Bays
– Heavy Vehicle Inspection Areas


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Sureweld Aluminium Walk Boards are built for use in a broad range of industries requiring portable foot access Ramps.

Low profile side stiles with lengths and widths designed for the most common truck chassis sizes, these Walk Boards are particularly useful to the Motor Body Building Industry.

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Custom Ramps

In addition to SureWeld’s standard range of Climaxx Loading Ramps, customers have the option to purchase Custom-Built Loading Ramps.

All the features of the “RUBBER Series“, “T Series“, and “PT Series” are available in custom variations. Examples of custom features include non-standard track widths, non-standard lengths and Hinge Connections. Carrying capacities can be varied by altering Ramp lengths. Ideal for the Automotive and Body Building industries, Recreation, Agriculture or any applications where custom specifications are required.

Customers are welcome to phone SureWeld for professional advice and solutions, to more complex loading requirements.