Aluminium Walk Boards & Walk Ramps

Our Australian Made Walk Boards & Walk Ramps

Sureweld Aluminium Walk Boards are built for use in a broad range of industries requiring portable foot access Ramps. Low profile side stiles with lengths and widths designed for the most common truck chassis sizes, these Walk Boards are particularly useful to the Motor Body Building Industry.

Walk Boards provide a lightweight, safe and convenient solution for manual handling and trolley work in a broad range of applications including:
Maintenance Vehicles, Removalists, Food Transport Vehicles, Events Organisers, Handymen, Repair Vehicles, Site Maintenance Services, Party Hire, Cleaning Services, Concrete Cutting Services, Rental Trucks, Charity Organisations, Commercial Equipment Hire, Delivery Vans, Taxi Trucks, Light Industrial Equipment, Animal Transport, Demonstration Vehicles, and Emergency Response Vehicles.
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Walk Board
Walk Board
Walk Board
Walk Board
WB2772 300kg 33kg 2,700mm 720mm 75mm
WB3572 300kg 41kg 3,500mm 720mm 75mm
WB2782 300kg 36kg 2,700mm 820mm 75mm
WB3582 300kg 45kg 3,500mm 820mm 75mm

Suitable for use with foot traffic and trolley work..
[Contact us for advice on models to suit non recommended applications].

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Tread Surface of Walk Boards.

Steel Pin Connection.

Foot matching Ramp gradient.

SureWeld are a leading supplier of Australian Made quality Aluminium Walk Boards. At SureWeld we manufacture and supply the Aluminium Series Walk Boards via a network of respected dealers Australia-wide.

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