Profile and History

This picture shows an early Ramp undergoing tensile testing and certification in a NATA laboratory.

SureWeld Aluminium Loading Ramps Profile & History

SureWeld Aluminium Loading Ramps designs have always been focused on safety and reliability whilst maintaining the lightest weight possible. By incorporating intelligent engineering principles our products still attain test results well above industry expectations. SureWeld Loading Ramps have undergone tensile testing and certification in a NATA certified laboratory (refer picture above). This principle remains at the core of any new design, whether it is a new model within our range or an individual custom-built item.

SureWeld products have been tested and proven in actual working conditions, emphasising our strong reputation for quality and reliability.

After all, Quality Does Carry Weight!

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Each Ramp has been designed to have the lightest possible weight, without compromising quality or safety.

Refer: (Ramp Specifications).


SureWeld Loading Ramp designs have been tested and certified by a NATA Laboratory with outstanding results.




Attention to detail and presentation is paramount, from design through to completion of all SureWeld products.


The unique design of SureWeld Ramps has proven superior to alternatives. SureWeld’s exclusive sections have been developed for strength, lightness and practicality.

Quality Control

The materials used in SureWeld products carry Mechanical Properties Certification, whilst each individual Ramp style is tested for compliance before manufacture. The completed Ramp then undergoes stringent quality control checks before despatch.



Prompt Despatch

At SureWeld we compliment our reputation excellence with our prompt despatch policy.

ramps in warehouse

Extensive Range

SureWeld has an extensive range of Ramp models. We also custom build Ramps to suit special requirements.



Serial Numbers

SureWeld Aluminium Loading Ramps have their own recorded serial numbers. This allows SureWeld to trace the manufacturing history of each Ramp.

custom loading ramps


We welcome customers to contact our Technical Support Team with any special requirements. Our Hinge System is one of several adaptions to our base design.

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