7/4536TW - 4.5T Aluminium Loading Ramps

The 7/4536TW Track Series Aluminium Machinery Loading Ramps are designed for versatile use with Steel Tracks (including those with Rubber Pads) and Rubber Tracks. The robust tread surfaces are configured to resist damage from tracks, providing the greatest versatility within the Sureweld range. These 4.5 tonne capacity ramps are suitable for both tyres and tracks, making them an ideal choice for loading machinery with various configurations.

It is advised that these ramps be used only more machinery with track widths wider than 400mm.

Complete with a connection plate and zinc-coated steel pins, these Aluminium Loading Ramps are perfect for loading onto tipper body trucks, flatbed trucks, or trailers. For machinery where tracks are not used on ramps, the Sureweld Rubber Series Ramps offer a more lightweight and economical option compared to the Track Series Ramps.


  • RAMP MASS44kg
  • TRACK WIDTH (internal)450mm
  • RAMP WIDTH560mm
  • RAMP DEPTH 125mm
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