Plant Trailers – Profile and History

SureWeld Aluminium Plant Trailer Profile & History

As with the Climaxx Aluminium Loading Ramps, the designs of SureWeld’s Rollmaxx Plant Trailers are focused on safety and reliability whilst maintaining the lightest overall weight possible. Qualified engineers and sophisticated technology have been employed in the design of Rollmaxx Aluminium Plant Trailers to ensure safe and reliable products.

Rollmaxx Plant Trailers have been designed using specialised computer modelling under the supervision of experienced automotive engineers. This process remains at the core of any advancement made to the design of Rollmaxx Plant Trailers.

SureWeld products have been tested and proven in actual working conditions, emphasising our strong reputation for quality and reliability.

After all, Quality Does Carry Weight!

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Low tare weights are critical for optimising the towing capacity of vehicles. Rollmaxx Plant Trailers are built to be as lightweight as possible, without compromising quality or safety.


Rollmaxx Plant Trailers are designed and built in accordance with the most current Australian Design Rules. Critical structural areas are certified by professional automotive engineers to comply with design regulations.


Attention to detail and presentation is paramount, from design through to completion of all SureWeld products.


The distinctive design of Rollmaxx Plant Trailers raises the standard in the industry. Our unique curved drawbar concept eliminates the need of joints in areas where stress concentrations can occur.

Quality Control

The aluminium used to build Rollmaxx Trailers is fully certified and each chassis beam is tested for compliance before manufacture. Each completed Trailer undergoes stringent quality control checks before dispatch.

Reliable Delivery Times

At Sureweld, production schedules are structured so we can give customers minimal lead times and reliable supply.

Appropriate Range

A wide range of Rollmaxx Plant Trailers are available to suit most applications.

Unique features including, adjustable blade stops for excavators and universal attachment rests simplify the selection of Trailers for specific applications.

We also offer an exclusive Remote Breakaway Unit to suit all applications of electric brakes.

Serial Numbers

Each Rollmaxx Aluminium Plant Trailer built by SureWeld, has its own recorded Serial Number in addition to VIN compliance. This allows for full traceability of the materials and components used in manufacturing.

Customers are always welcome to contact our Technical Support Team for advice on how to adapt a Rollmaxx Plant Trailer to their specific requirements.

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