In-Axxtion File: Austage Events

Sureweld recently took center stage at Federation Square to help out audio-visual experience company, Austage Events. Specializing in creating world-class experiences for entertainment, corporate, fashion, non for profit, and education events, this nationwide company deserves a standing ovation in the industry. Austage Events approached Sureweld on the search for a walk board, for the use […]

Safeguarding your Sureweld Assets – Preventing Theft of your Trailers and Ramps

Whilst Australia is experiencing a construction industry boom, it has unfortunately also witnessed a concerning rise in plant and machinery theft. From heavy-duty construction equipment to specialized machinery and trailers, criminals are targeting these valuable assets, causing financial losses and operational disruptions for businesses across the country.   These thefts not only result in financial […]

In-Axxtion File: Riverina Concreting

Earlier this year (2022), Sureweld had the awesome opportunity of working with Riverina Concreting, to design and manufacture a bridging system for their Laser Screed. Riverina Concreting is a company based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, regularly working on large-scale projects across the state, and even around the country. Focusing on large-scale commercial and industrial construction […]

Don’t Crack Up.

There are numerous benefits of having an Aluminium trailer, including light tare weights, great rust resistance, increased fuel economy etc. (Check this out here). They have unique benefits for a large niche and are a very popular choice in the Australian Market. Some people are sometimes sceptical about Aluminium trailers cracking, however, this damage can […]

Picking the Perfect Pair.

Choices, choices, choices. What brand? What size? Could I get away with X instead of Y? With over 30 different models from Sureweld alone, choosing the ideal ramp for your application can be a hard decision. The team at the Sureweld HQ have a simple matrix, when helping our clients choose the best solution. We […]

45 years; that says something!

1976 – 2021. This year marks a very important date in the history of the Sureweld Brand – 45 years of Australian Craftsmanship for the Australian Construction and Transportation Industries. Starting out as a small Welding and Fabrication business is 1976, Surewelds’ humble beginnings originated in Lilydale, servicing numerous markets, mainly the agricultural industry. 45 […]

Sureweld – Proudly Australian

Here at Sureweld, the whole team are very proud to be Australian Made and Owned, manufacturing Plant Trailers and Aluminium Ramps locally for the Australian Transportation and Construction industries! We interviewed our team, from factory staff to upper management, throughout Australian Made Week 2021, to learn what ‘Being Australian’ meant to them. There are many […]

Should I purchase an Aluminum or Steel Plant Trailer?

Aluminum or Steel? It’s a question that often leaves buyers bewildered when in the market for purchasing a plant trailer to suit their machine. Each material has unique benefits and is hugely dependent on the application, including the tow vehicle, the weight of machines, and the conditions of the geographical location. The initial cost of […]